The Cheshire Duo, LLC

Enterprise Company responsible for the design, patent, production, and launch of the first portable therapy and exercise products (Thera-Glide). Officially Launched in 3rd quarter of 2016, Founders of the Thera Glide products, Floyd Kaylor and Shayna Sorbel, stumbled upon the idea to design the portable medical therapeutic and exercise equipment when they recognized that the products would solve an unmet need for a simple, convenient, portable and economical way to help people with limited mobility issues to strengthen and increase range-of motion and blood flow in the hip(s), knee(s), shoulder(s) elbow(s), and ankle(s), as well as helping with the hand(s) and feet. The devices that they designed provides exercise and therapy to Seniors, Vets, disabled, pre- and post-surgery, and maintenance for injured patients.

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